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Kubota? Trend or lifestyle?

Kubota? Trend or lifestyle?

Fashion is a social phenomenon. Although it has been a silent companion of man almost since the dawn of history, when used skillfully, it expresses more than thousands of words. At times oppressive, at other times liberating, it shows a strong tendency to adapt to past trends. It is a way to express one's own self - it inspires and motivates, and encourages experimentation. Fashion is also, in fact, a very effective tool of expression that we can use comprehensively, drawing from it to the full and allowing ourselves a bit of extravagance and leaving our comfort zone.

Global catwalks - trends 2021

Max Mara, Prada, Anna Sui, Burberry, Chanel and other renowned fashion houses have already definitively defined what trends will dominate in 2021. The spring-summer season is dominated by classic floral patterns, both intense and pastel colors, as well as clothes and accessories in subdued gray and sunny yellow, i.e. the colors declared the most fashionable for this year by Pantone.

In terms of cuts, inspirations from the 90s are still very clearly visible, with belly-revealing tops, carrot pants this time with a lowered waist, denim clothes. In the upcoming season, however, you can notice a certain novelty, namely oversize jackets with an emphasized shoulder line characteristic of the 80s, willingly combined with a bralette made of the same fabrics. The collections presented on the world's catwalks often feature the so-called total look, i.e. a combination of textures and transparency in a uniform color scheme. The silver color and seductive creations with shiny fabrics, with a finish of beautifully reflecting sequins or beads, lead the way here. Long dresses will continue to be popular, both minimalist, white ones, as well as trailing models, made of airy fabrics, with frills and frills.

Fashion of the 90s - loved or hated?

Inspirations by the stage creations of the Spice Girls or stylizations from the music videos of the "princess of pop" Britney Spears, the ubiquitous leopard print, Kubota slippers worn with socks and sports sweatshirts with the image of the Backstreet Boys - this is a brief overview of the fashion trends of the 90s. hated, but today gaining more and more fans.

Basically, it was a very interesting era in fashion, full of contrasts and experiments. It is worth noting that in the 1990s, Poland was still undergoing political transformation and all novelties imported from the West found their way to a very absorptive ground. Thirsty for colors and luxury, the society almost choked on all fashion novelties, which very often led to stylistic exaggeration. As a result, this decade is still referred to as the decade of kitsch, but it is also a source of inspiration visible in the trends of both last year and this year. Today's 30- and 40-year-olds look with nostalgia at the then iconic styles of clothes, accessories and footwear, eagerly choosing models in stores that refer to those years in their form.

K is for classics and... Kubota

The origins of the Kubota brand date back to 1994, when iconic plastic flaps with Velcro, brought from China by the company's owners, Dorota and Wiesław, appeared on popular local markets. Inexpensive and comfortable, they won the hearts of Poles almost immediately. Worn both as swimming pool and home footwear, they also often appeared on the streets, on feet clad in socks, which for a very long time was considered the pinnacle of a styling disaster.

The changing needs of consumers meant that the original Kubota flip-flops disappeared from the market for many years. In 2018, however, there was a reactivation and thanks to the hard work of a team of several people, these shoes returned to store shelves. Kubota slippers are currently standard models made of pleasant to the touch EVA foam. They are available in many color variants. They have been loved by the stars, becoming an original complement to fashionable styling. What's more, paired with socks, they are currently the most fashionable trend, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. So do not hesitate and order the selected color of Kubota slippers today, which you will find in the Agrafka online store.


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